How NOT to miss any news feed on Facebook Top News/Most Recent links


Here’s something uncanny I figured out on Facebook quite some time back. It’s quite possible for you to get an update about your friend’s posted link/status/posts late, at times after hours of his/her post and not ‘live’ as touted by Fb on it news feeds.

There’s also a bright possibility that you never get an update about your fellow facebookie’s activities/posts (by apps e.g. Social Interview/Photo of the Day) which you would definitely not like to miss if you are a hard-core Fb addict.

And definitely for a big time Facebook addict like me, the height of addiction being to such a level that my relationship gets on rocks most of the times!!! But never mind, my face from Facebook will only be lifted away with another Social Networking site at par with Fb. After all I love socializing.

So, here’s the solution I figured out.

1. Click on the ‘Most Recent’ (previously Live Feeds) link, scroll down to the footer.

2. Now, click on ‘Edit Options’ & you get a News Feed Settings dialog box/modal window where in the there is a textbox control for ‘Maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed’ defaulted to 250.

3. You can increase this no. to 400/500. Ideally double the no. of friends in your friend list.

4. Additionally, there’s Show More & Hide boxes where in, you could enter the person/page you think is interesting to get frequent updates. And Hide as such for the one you wish to get rid of! 🙂

One thing to notice here, lest you put a big figure. say, 1000, then in that, case the feeds are updated pretty fast and when you click Edit Options you might end up getting a message on the footer by FB saying “No more posts to show”.

VoilĂ ! Now you have all your feeds updated and getting displayed ‘live’ on your News Feed page or your profile page. Hope this helps!

P.S.  Please do post your comment if this works or other discoveries if any.

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