10 reasons why I hate Facebook!

I am addicted!!! And I hate it. And have been hating it since a year almost!

My friends who never chat or call me, ping me on Fb chat asking if I was at office or home/which office?/if am working for Fb/if I was a Social Media & Communities guy?? Now I think this post would be good enough to have answers to all their questions.

So, here are the top 10 reasons why I hate Facebook aka FB the most:

1. My relationship/friendship(s) is/are on rocks!  I am accused for giving more time to Fb than my crushes or my crusher  😐

2. My productivity has hit all time low. Now my boss and HR are on talks to get this site banned from my system IP.  😦

3. My reading habit, be it newspapers/magazines/fiction has been badly screwed up. For I rely on Fb’s live/news feeds for everything!!!

4. I have stopped watching/downloading educational porn. Cuz U see the red icon popping up to notify me steals my attention more than the former flicks  😐

5.  I sleep less, rather insomniac thinking about the posts/links/notes/issues & await the sunrise to see what people have opined!!!

6. Colleagues mock me that I am working on a Facebook project rather than CRM platform’s.

7. My higher studies notions look very distant. If only I could get my eyes away from the laptop screen. 😦

8. I am way too distracted thinking what would be my life after marriage, that if, my wife might just file a divorce against me with this kinda addiction to Fb.

9. My kids would brand me as a bad father for not taking them to the roller-coaster rides rather asking them to go through the live updates and give their views on my posts!! :O

10. Enjoying my job but still thinking if I could be recruited for Facebook and be a part of the development team ( now that I have already done some good R & D on it & written blog-posts/tips) but scared about my social involvement to reduce to none at the same time??

Last but not the least. It’s April 1st. And I would confess that whatever it is, I LOVE FACEBOOK and come what may will stick to it and continue to have a Relationship status changed from Single to In an Open Relationship with FB. 🙂

Addicted to Facebook.

UPDATE – 07/07/2011

Now I really hate it. And more reasons in the below video

9 comments on “10 reasons why I hate Facebook!

  1. I agree with you in TOTO! This addiction will cost me heavily! Those red pop-ups are very very inviting indeed…although I dun worry about my married life or kids…but my reading has certainly been affected..haven’t read a single book in the past 2 months! Man that Sucks! But FB rules…Cheers!!!!!!

  2. And there comes the confession! But it doesn’t matter as the urge to be networked continue to reach new heights.

  3. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Where do u think I’ve BEEN????? Recoverin…. self-induced FB rehab!!!!!! Seriously… it’s affected my health. So….. I think I can understand. Really, it… and other social networking has its gifts, truly… and u r on the cutting edge frontier of socializing in the futuristic way –which is actually now (I honestly DO think at some point you could use all this for ur studies in higher eductation and think u should be a specialist on the subject (no sarcasm). I’m on the frontier too. :-p
    I have a question: If right now you could be in touch and actually SEE the people you’re in contact with on FB and the like, do u think you would want to or be able to give it up??? And yes, do cure the addiction b4 meeting ur future wife. I can’t imagine the havoc it would cause in a marriage. Good Lord!!! 🙂

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