All about Profile Info layout changes on Facebook.

As a developer myself, I am sure Facebook developers are suffering from Insomnia and love to work on graveyard shifts. And eventually making us sleep less with the addiction they offer each day! Some new changes, some more R n D to learn, and some more time to adapt to them. Whatever, Hail Facebook, Hail Zuckerberg! It’s simply redefining the concept on social networking.

If Google and Apple were known for innovations for what could have been well-nigh unthinkable for a common man…Fb is doing it to the social networks on the same lines.

So, here we go..the latest set of changes on your Profile Info. Looks cool? Looks yuck? Previous was better? I tried sticking to the older layout as much as I could, but I would not be allowed to edit unless I incorporate the changes by FB on my profile. So, I had to! 😦

However, I found the business rule/idea behind it to be pretty cool. Whatever you chose as your favorites stuffs (from the auto-suggest drop down) apparently are linked to the FAN PAGES which have a LIKE button instead of a BECOME A FAN button! For e.g. On ‘Likes and Interests’ segment, if you are fond of the ‘Television’ show Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls, then clicking on it takes you to the fan page on Facebook!

This isn’t all! Other way round, if you haven’t put it as your fave TV show on your profile info, just hitting the LIKE button on the fan page you stumbled upon or were suggested by you friend, gets it added to your interest automatically!

Speaking on display of the thumbnail-icons: by default – your first choice takes the priority! However, you could choose your own just by clicking on the bubble and save the changes! Now the question is you LIKE-d a fan page but you don’t wish FB to show it among your favorite lists that’s visible to all (FB restricts it to 15). For eg. I join a news network/page to get the latest news feed but I ain’t really fond of Arnab Goswami ( he never pauses when he interviews others), so wouldn’t like it to be displayed on your list….

What would you do in that case? A. Hide it!

How? Click on the bubble, now drag and drop below the line (refer screenshot). However, once the user clicks on Show All(<No.>), the entire list would expand. The way to remove it completely is to UNLIKE the page or click on the bubble, then click remove.

Click to enlarge

One thing to notice here is, if more than 15, certain bubbles might just be taken to hidden box by default! But you could drag it back to the top box area, so that our choices are visible to others! [Shuffle among 15] (image below)

Click to enlarge

So, guys…what yall are waiting for? Choose your best fan page/show/interest and flaunt your choices! As an avid Facebook follower, I definitely would not love to see something like this when I stumble upon your profile info.! 🙂

Suggestions/Questions/Acknowledgments are always welcome!

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