The whole Orkut shit on Facebook!

I hate to see the whole ORKUT shit coming on to taint Facebook now!! Fake profiles getting added each day to Fb endlessly & people adding those FAKE profiles mindlessly. May be with a hope to increase the counts of LIKE(s) or COMMENT(s) (that seldom come) on their posts !

Fb exercises a bit of stringent privacy policies, though a chink in the armor can’t be unavoidable. Any profile picture with explicit nudity is detected by Fb and soon the profile is quarantined.

Same goes in case you send friend requests ruthlessly just because you are fond of ogling at those mid-riffs on the profile pics which is of Paula but owned by Paul!

By adding these fake profiles we not only make ourselves [Privacy Settings:Only Friends] vulnerable but make Friends-of-Friends profiles exposed to the voyeurs/impersonators. This is because to the outside world, by default only ‘Info’ tab is visible and ‘Wall’ only if you have made it ‘Everyone’ in your settings.

All I would suggest at the end of the day is:
1.  Visit the profile once before adding the person. An interaction via emails helps judge the authenticity.
2.  A 4 digit no. in the friend-list is mostly for celebrities. Quite possible for a normal person too, but you have to ‘judge’ before you add.
3.  If the profile info has a blog link, visit the blog lest you think it’s fishy.
4.  Click on the display image (if enabled) to see the profile pics that give the sense it’s quite right!
5. See the personal info. Too much of geeky info + IIT/IIM/Foreign University is an alarming call.

One such profile is this which is nothing but an impersonated profile photo of a lady I know! And I can’t believe I have 8 mutual friends between she (apparently he) and me!

Well, no more being gracious & showering your potions of beauty or amity! Chuck them right away! (Click ‘Remove from Friends’)

I hated it when even a right-click was disabled on Orkut for photos in albums and no way you could see a person’s original pic for the display would always have a ‘bouquet’ or a ‘teddy’, so much was this impersonation/morphing scare. One out of the many factors has done the damage to Orkut.  So, too much of privacy sucks the Orkut way! But then being conscious of the way we do Social Networking, does matter.

The very essence of this post is to make Facebook a better place by an individual’s conscience/effort. And not make everything an onus on the Facebook Developers to take care. Lets keep Facebook clean before it becomes Fakebook! And all yo FB addicts like me, do spread the word.

Facebook is my lifeline. & I am one step away from it. And that is nothing but getting an id ‘ *****’. But then I quite love the place I work right now! 🙂

Born to……………..

8 comments on “The whole Orkut shit on Facebook!

  1. this is a very well written blog about FB..its an excellent way of spreding knwledge to d 1s who for d heck of it add frnds.a very good effort by u..hope ppl excute it these do’s and don’t are of gret help!!!

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