When Cricket catches Capitalism.

History repeats itself. Perhaps we love to repeat history (2007 ICC Cricket World Cup) quite early. I am talking about a very popular Indian sports,  I am talking about the Indian Cricket at an International level – a game that’s almost present in every Indian blood by birth. But unfortunately this blood has gotten spurious and needs transfusion.

So, when was the last time you as an entire nation burst crackers, waved Indian tri-color flag, came out on the roads late in the night with that can of KF beer and danced away your happiness, unplugged? The last I remember was when the Men in Blue bagged the ICC World Cup T20 trophy back in 2007! When IPL never existed.

When India loses, the entire nation bleeds. When CSK/MI/RCB etc. lost, how many bled? It means a lot to the whole cricketing and non-cricketing nations to some extent, when a team is the World Champion. I repeat, WORLD Champs! How much did it matter to Australia/NZ/South Africa/England when CSK won the IPL championship?

It does carry immense weight when The President of a nation congratulates a National Team on their triumph and the heroes among them are awarded Bharat Ratna/ Padma Vibhusan/ Arjuna/Padma Bhusan awards. How many you think will win a National Award for giving their blood and sweat for the exhaustive IPL matches!! Still, they barely give a hoot. At the end of the day, it’s the buck that matters!

Human nature. Gluttony. When we ourselves, being in corporate industry slog for money and our tail points to the firm that lures us with a fatter one than the current’s.  And so are our players who haven’t woken up from the fantasy/voluptuous world of Sherlyn Chopra & Co. flaunting their silicones. After all,  Saheb…they are all single! So the attendance at the late night parties are quite inevitable for our bachelor boys, you see! Hence, quite unabashedly, the ones at the helm could direct the alibis to IPL’s late night parties and tortuous travels. They never got tired during IPL matches? There were quite a lot series played prior to IPL as well! Why can’t a single player say a BOLD NO to their team owner to practice for the ‘short pitch’ matches ahead? They can’t , because they are sold!

At the other hand, the selection committee would try to save the IPL baby for it’s quite lucrative for them. After all, we have our bureaucrats and politicians who have their murky deals & investments hidden in the entire Pandora’s box. Now what they could do is, blame the Indian Captain for blaming IPL. This is funny and this is a vicious circle.

But even if you wish to, you still cannot avoid catching the IPL frenzy, rather the most trending event being witnessed by a million Indians. Could you? So, why not join the bandwagon? But how? Pick up an IPL team, start updating statuses supporting the team & bashing the other team on Social Networks, even if cricket means quite less to you.  Welcome aboard,  you are catapulted to IPL mania now. But I always knew the consequence. Too much of cricket, be it post-IPL or pre-IPL, can never hold on to the charm. Needless to say why IPL is ostensibly ‘charming’ !

Could we ever have the 1983/2007 (ODI/T20)  history repeated? We surely could if we could stop cricket getting invaded by capitalists! As mentioned by few remarkable cricketers, if we could have a team dedicated solely for 20/20 for there ain’t a dearth of talent in India. Rather new talents can be discovered and nurtured, it means an opportunity for many Ranji players who never made it in the past and tough to make it in the future. It also means they make a better livelihood and make some bucks for exploiting their talent and that should get duly recognized!

For God’s sake, I do not wish to see the shamefully abysmal performance repeated again in the ICC World Cup 2011. If that happens, we Indians have lost our sense of cricket. We rather love to be swayed away with short-lived yet libidinous pomp and show!

Last but not the least, few old memories…

P.S. This is my personal opinion. Facts may have been wrong. Your opinions/suggestions would be highly appreciated.

11 comments on “When Cricket catches Capitalism.

  1. ur absoluely rite..cricket has lost its essence..it wen CSK won it ws just a part of d country bt Indiaz out no1z botherd evn..IPL has taken ovr the real cricket..d team who ws world champion is out so soon.n d sme team wich had dhoni as caption won ipl..

  2. Pick up an IPL team, start updating statuses supporting the team & bashing the other team on Social Networks..Opinions resonated!!

  3. Lal Salaam!Communism is the way forward man!
    Its a game,so u lose or win.So accept it as a complete failure of ur abilities or application part.No point blaming the IPL nights for it..as you mentioned..they never complained about it during the IPL games.
    And the one thing I hate is the media’s war against cricket.Each time India plays well..they make love like truely,deeply,madly.
    But once they lose(miserably at that)..the honeymoon is over!They prepare each player’s obituary speeches.Hate this shit.

    Now Indian media’s new gimmick..they never aired news related to Women’s T20 WC..but now with the men out..they have replaced it!
    Even Vishy Anand wouldn’t have deserved a PRIME TIME quota had India restricted Sri by 143(THE magical School-days-code for I(1) LOVE(4) YOU(3)and Oz miraculously losing to WI!
    Man I want Media’s blood.

  4. It took just 3 losses (120 overs of T20 cricket) to transform a “world class” team into “bunch of money-hungry party animals”….. 120 overs…. thats not even 2 days in test cricket and is barely 1 ODI game…

    for once why cant a team (specially an indian team) lose a cricket match purely because of CRICKETING REASONS… why does there have to be the soap opera tadka of money-deceit-lust to spice up the news… maybe the other team had a better gameplan, maybe we didnt get used to the conditions quickly enough… maybe we just played BAD CRICKET… but we dont want to say that, do we? no.. thats too boring…

    and frankly neither am i pissed off at our ouster (‘coz teams do lose every once in a while), nor at the witch-hunting done by the media (‘coz thats their job. they are simply looking for more viewership) nor at the public outburst (‘coz we are easily driven by sensational journalism)

    i am also disappointed at our captain mentioning “ipl parties” as a reason of fatigue… normally he talks a lot of sense (save the occassional “red-light area” comment)… his comment after csk qualified for the semis perfectly summed up the ipl…

    regarding ur question abt when was the last time I burst firecrackers?
    – the day kumble asked “ishant, ek aur over karega?”. ishant said “haan karoonga” and then… ponting c dravid b sharma 40… (perth, jan 2008)
    – when india beat aus in gilly’s last ODI series…
    – when we became no 1 in tests…
    – test and odi successes in NZL… (and more…)

    not sure if “the nation” joined me… dont think so,
    i guess because the press didnt cover these events as BREAKING NEWS!!!
    because its not hip to be talking about cricket without bringing in the money-deceit-lust combo…


    • Well, thanks Amol for sharing the link n ur views. If one wishes to emotionally breakdown, then having it a Roger Federer way makes much more sense n shows ur passion n commitment! Ur comment defo makes lot of sense for all those who know and understand Cricket at a matured level n not gully level.

    • Its definitely true that cricket in India is a super sport which transcends even logic at times. The fans have very short memories and are easily swayed by sensational journalism.

      But despite all of that, I feel that the Indian Cricket fan, who understands the game and is not shy of giving credit where its due (case in point, Pakistan beaking India despite Sachin’s epic knock and getting a standing ovation from every spectator present at the Chepauk), has been hard done by the current levels of performance.

      The reason I feel so is not becuase of the 120 overs of cricket which found Indian players out. Its in the manner in which they played those overs. If we rewind back to the last T20 World Cup, the reason for our ouster was qouted as “the weakness against the rising ball”. Cut to 2010 and its there again. The Rainas, Gambhirs, et al were all at sea against the short ball. They still are.

      And I don’t blame them. Its a collective decision that needed to be taken and it was collectively evaded from. Everytime we play a bad series abroad, we come back and play at home or against weaker sides to win emphatically and sway the public opinion back in our favour (assisted ably by the media). The debacle is comfortably forgotten along with sweeping the real issue at hand deep inside the rug that the BCCI is. I do not object to our team being strong in home conditions, but to the fact that they are abject in foreign ones.

      IPL, although pumping money in for the betterment of all, is also serving as an eyewash (which also is very unfortunate for the Indian fan) that enables diverting public attention.

      Its time that the powers that be realise the larger issue at hand and act.

  5. I am a strong believer in what Amol said. I also celebrated for all the wins he has mentioned about.
    The fact is we in India take cricket a bit too seriously. Let us accept the fact that we are a country of spectator sports. 90% of the Indian population is not fit to play any sport and we rejoice seeing the success of the rest 10%. Secondly 99% of Indian population doesn’t understand the dynamics of the game. Its a herd mentality that they have been following.
    So effectively no one qualifies to criticise the effort of MSD & co. Its a shame to see one of my Pakistan friend posting Zee News’ match ka mujrim link in which MSD has been literally raped on his FB wall and rejoicing with his fellow countrymen. But thats what we have made out of it. As Harsha Bhogle said – we misinterprete the meaning of the game wrongly. Its not a matter of death and life. All of us know that 11 men played and 11 will go back home, no one will die. Come on its a sport and we are bound to lose.
    We have never been a world beating side and this performance was not a surprise. It was not like India was crashing out for the first time and yes here the blame goes to the administration. We don’t have a process in place. And for that the players are not be blamed by any inch. They are doing their duty. (Btw shooting for commercials doesn’t happen during their cricket commitment). They are also human beings.

    This is where the role of IPL becomes significant because this brings in money to the system. For the 1st time corporate entities are directly involved with the game and privatisation will lead to investment in infrastructure and grassroots. Today KPL is modelled on the lines of IPL and because of that cricket was played in colour dress on Gangotri Blades, Mysore for the first time. What a huge motivation for that school kid who till then had only known of one colour dress that he had seen on TV. A Vijay Mallaya would never approve the way KSCA operates and the results are being seen as Chinnaswamy was awarded as the best sporting venue and then your have DY Patil stadium – Australia kind infrastructure. Now if you don’t have sufficient cricket then how will these state of art facilities operate? What is the point of having them as glass piece showcase items.
    Yes if in a few year’s time the BCCI gets hypnotised and doesn’t work on the ground level with all the profit it is making then yes we have every right to be annoyed. It has just started. 2008 is when we won in Australia after ages and for Australia to be what it is today, they had to undergo the biggest cricketing crisis ever in 1970-80 and then Allan Border took over and the magic started working.

    We are working towards it. We are just 3 year into it. Before 2000, cricket ran like a babu system then it took 5 years for Lalit Modi to start monetising elements and then another 3 years for a robust league. So lets wait and see before concluding on any judgement.
    Fatigue – Yeah it does happen when you travel (on flight every 2nd day) but that is no point in putting up a bad show. We have enough ways to counter fatigue these days. The world has changed. We did not play well . As simple as that. We were found napping and the bounce did the trick. Bounce has been doing the trick well before IPL came into picture. Now with the IPL fund, pitches will get the water they want and more tracks like Mohali and Bangalore will be produced but come on at the same time we should not lose our strength of spin. When we go to Australia, do they greet us with spinner friendly tracks?

    Yes I agree the game needs to be professionalised and the board needs to run like a private entity and that will make the system accountable hence leading to better results. Players are only one element in the scheme of things.

    What they know of cricket, who cricket knows – Famously said by Late CLR James

    • Thanks Siddy for ur views. Here r few things I wud like to elucidate
      —“Privatization” – BCCI is a national governing body dat has the onus for everythin dats cricket in India. Needless 2 say it’s the richest. N i don’t think BCCI is like AAI (Airports Authority of India) where seldom we find airports/runways upgraded for all’s good. (eg. BBSR Airport’s runway 4 which ITER-Jagmara road ws blocked- till date d runway still lies unfit).

      It’s naive to think the entire nation’s infra will improve by bestowin the onus to IPL owners. Who will take care of Barabati stadium then? We don’t have a team/owner from Orissa!
      A fancy dress- is that a big deal? Cricket is a game of gentlemen, was played by gentlemen which has undergone a makeover now wit all the glamor/gliltz/fashion/vanity crept into it. A plain WHITE(test cricket) uniform rather makes more sense(to me).

      —R.Jadeja caused the annihilation n dint play IPL. So what were other players doing who played IPL? Is a game of 11 players good enough to fade or be made by a single guy, all the time, all the matches? How bout toss decisions, how bout selection committee’s decisions?

      —Siddy, there’s no w8 n watch game until a World Class team boils down to a fairly immatured team, n only knows to play 20-20 n can’t prove dere wit on ODIs or test. The experienced ones won’t be dere till eternity. they will retire n make way for the relatively younger ones…who as per u wud have mastered IPL T20 but ….

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