When XIX Common Wealth Games 2010 – CWG was held in India!

CWG – I wish the acronym never had Wealth in it, so our dear IOC Chairman and the entire hierarchy under him wouldn’t have got misled. And would have rightly understood CWG is all about Sports but not unleashing Game Plans of Corruption to make enough Wealth for your seven generations.

Not-so-surprisingly, now we know many acronyms, have coined enough, simply a good no. to confuse us on what the original CWG stands for ,after a few days.
Even the Maoists must be aware of the ongoing disorganizations in New Delhi and would be having their wishful laughs looking at the mess. Not to forget the Porkistanis who on NDTV’s Facebook posts about CWG, keep swearing in the name of Lord, celebrating the failure as a curse for ‘Indian Occupation of Kashmir’.

The Shame and the Agony:

How would you feel as a ‘responsible’ citizen of India (please exclude our politicians) when the President of CGF, Mike Fennel faces embarrassing questions like “Has India let you down?”. Worse when he replies “we all would have learnt a lesson in working like a country like India. And at the end of all of this, India would have learnt a great lesson.”

How would you feel when these filthy images are 1st out on bbc.co.uk, titled ‘Athlete’s village’?  And you want me to be fraking positive about it! Why shouldn’t there be criticism? Why shouldn’t there be sarcasm or tantrums thrown out to Mr. Kalmadi n Co.? It couldn’t get more outrageous when they say that different countries have different standards of hygiene! It seems our IOC officials never flush their toilets and have paan-stains all over their wash-basin. But why-the-f**k feign it to be the standard for entire country and mislead outsiders on our image!

At least the officials should have an iota of conscience that any mess in such a huge international event would not only put the country to shame but also cause embarrassment to many Indians who go abroad to represent or work, who would be at the receiving end of any informal discussions.

A sporting event whose current investment would be hardly around  Rs.7000 crores is now estimated to be   Rs.77000 crores!!! Is there an end to the amount of corruption?

Mr. Kalmadi promised it to be the best Games ever, better than Beijing Olympics. Now it has turned out to be the costliest! This is definitely not expected from the CWG chief, who also has a defence background! I just hope it isn’t as bad as the ill-prepared Athens Olympics where they were planting trees even on the day of the Games.

A game whose bid was won in 2003 has turned out to be the costliest Games ever! Whose money is it? It’s mine and yours. It’s mere Tax-payer’s money, damn it! Isn’t Ajmal Kasab’s expenditure enough who’s yet to be executed!

But after all this, the most agonizing news you hear is Games Village is not ready. 180 Flats still in ‘unlivable condition’, athlete’s bed collapses, AC doesn’t work, no water in the toilet et al.

Role of Media:

The CWGPR is already doing its job of digging the positive out of the worse. But no, you cannot simply keep expecting media to bring about positive stuff out of Pandora’s Box. I would rather say Media has done a good job of busting out the means of corruptions and showcasing how CWG has become an event of cash cow for the IOC officials.

The news on CWG preparations has not been good since last 60 days or more. Yet, it didn’t ring bells for our politicians/bureaucrats to get things rolling at a breakneck-speed. The result – India is the world news for all wrong reasons. Thanks to their “Chalta Hai” attitude. Plus put it back on media.

Neither Media bashing all the time helps, nor should Media keep carrying negative news, at least once the countdown is over for heaven’s sake! Just because BBC showcased filthy pictures of the Village, all of them followed the same. Herd mentality. Nothing different was shown in the movie – Peepli [Live]. If Aussie/English/Kiwi media is bashing India then why is Indian Media backing them?

What we can learn from South Africa:

I am at loss of words to applaud RSA to have beautifully conducted the FIFA WC 2010. It doesn’t restrict to just one but 2007 ICC WC Twenty20 and two IPL championship events including the ongoing one. Despite racism issues and a massive AIDS prevalence among the population, they could deliver. Why can’t we, being the 3rd Most Powerful Nation in the World?


Lesson for future:

We continue to think time-n-again that all these money could have spent on poverty alleviation or Elementary education. Or better infrastructure for sports in general. But they would never be spent since there has to be a specific and dedicated program on these known and chronic issues.

So if at all we bid for such an event, we should be committed to it with heart and soul. Lest there is mismanagement, we should be accountable for it, accept blame rather than being arrogant and playing blame games.

When Sports Committee’s chairman has never played any games, how would he have the spirit then? These specimen shouldn’t be appointed as bureaucrats or ministers.

Not sure what’s in store ahead and after CWG. But there should be a probe and all those indulged should be charge-sheeted and made to pay the damage done to the entire image of the nation. We have to adopt the Chinese/North Korean way. Execute all those responsible for non-execution of the games!

CWG will still be a Success:

With issues every morning, looks like CWG is going to be less about sports and more about the issues faced by athletes. And they won’t stop cribbing now, even with the slightest of discrepancy that is possibly manageable.

Let’s have investments come into India and not go to China. We have brains but we have shitty politics-dominant-bureaucracy. Let’s not make this as a deterrent. Whatever it costs, whatever it takes, let’s make XIX Common Wealth Games a success! And it will be a success despite the odds!

May be we could just think the worse is over, and show solidarity as committed citizens.  Jai Hind!

8 comments on “When XIX Common Wealth Games 2010 – CWG was held in India!

  1. Nice article… I share all you anger and frustration. However, I really hope that CWG is a failure. I do think that it will affect our nation’s reputation and things like that, but still I want the games to fail… Here is my reasoning –

    If the games is a success, then a message goes out that this much corruption is OK…people in India will manage and somehow make things work and corruption will flourish in India. However, if things go wrong, I think things will take a turn for the better in the future.

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