The Goa trip that never happened.

Last year during Christmas when I said this on FB, ‘So many in Bangalore, but not even one company for Goa. My life sucks.‘, he was the one who silently messaged me to take leaves during this precise season for a Goa trip to experience the Goa Carnival. He would make it from Hyderabad and I would travel from Bangalore. Unfortunately, he passed away this morning and leaving a question mark to the Goa get-together, forever…

As many as 5 people have conveyed their gratitude to me for being an Inspiration to get into Blogging but the one who urged and pushed me to Blog (seeing my GTalk one-liners) is no more on earth to accept my gratitude in person. I could not but confide to my friends that he was the reason, apart from Himalayas, but all I couldn’t do was to convey my heartfelt thankfulness to him. I was late.

Now, I feel that emptiness in my life, online or offline for those witty/humorous comments on my FB/Blog posts, those LIKE hits, those FIFA discussions, the request for movie ratings n reviews, the Oscar follow-ups and those unabashed admiration and appreciation for me, have just ceased to appear. And won’t come anymore. Never.

But then the above isn’t as shattering. What couldn’t be endured is the loss of the only son, worse, the only child of his parents, at just a tender age of 29…Inexplicable and unbearable grief.

His last few overwhelming updates on Facebook :

And what he last wrote on Orkut:

He’s my goodwill friend, Sandip Sarkar.

Circa 2008. (2nd from left)

Of all the hits on my blog till date, I owe every single one of it to you mate. May your soul rest in peace.

5 comments on “The Goa trip that never happened.

  1. After reading his status updates… M literally sittin blank… Wit my phone in hand… Starin at dis blog wit tears flowin down my face… He ws brave… Dat status makes me feel lyk wateva i ve been thru n al stress wat eva in lyf feel insignificant… N at same time feels al d very important… If uu al knw wat i mean… If yo remember vish i guess i knw uu jus cuz o him… I sent a req cuz o ur status updates… My salutes and my hearty thnx… N wit heaviness in my heart… Lyf s jus not fair… Not at al:'(

  2. Dude… I remember the last time I met him at Kolkata.. He was a guy, I would say full of positive energy and was so fun loving and would ensure each one in the group enjoys to the fullest… He was indeed a gem of a person!!! Last thing on Earth I would believe is that he is no more wid us.. His last few updates in FB made me cry dude… He was soo positive dude… How could God be unfair wid such a true and lively person!!! damn!!!!!! :(((((

  3. Close it!!! It hurts… If u genuinely feel for the guy remove the post asap. i have seen him losing every moment… i can’t take tis… Tis isn’t the correct place to show ur so called gratitude.. and ur intentions are very well visualised in ur last statment about the No. of Hits!!! so close it asap…

    • Hey Sisir,

      At the outset, I convey my apologies for having hurt u. I have also spoken to Sayan on this. And I have removed his only pic that I found on twitter. I have removed the word ‘obituary’ as well.

      I can tell u earnestly, the intent wsnt on the hits but just to make it emphatic that they were all due to him. I agree and I regret, I made a blunder making it bold. I already have a ‘Blog Stats’ widget to show the no. of hits. So, I wasn’t flaunting it anyway.

      Calm down brother n u will not see it as an advertisement. this is the best i cud do and my frnds have all felt. I dont wish to be the one who will cry crocodile tears for the heck of it n then forget it. I just did what i cud do so that the tears did not get washed away in the rain. And no one noticed.

      I ws close to him in my way. u may be more close. this is not the time to fight. If u are jealous or u have always felt bitter about me since college days, then this is not the right time to settle down the scores.

      I have written this and I put that pic in his fond memory. But now I hav taken it off n also the letter ‘obituary’. The last line no more focuses what u thot was my intent. Stay calm bro. I hav been grieving, if not more or like u..but not less either.

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