Your thought is my gift – On my Birthday

Dear wonderful folks,

My 1st post this year -2013 right on my Birthday, Jan 31st – I reach 29. One more year and I turn __( U do the maths). Not sure if I would be considered youth anymore. But the fire of a 21-year-old will always be there until I die, I guess. So, I thought why not this year, I should get some of your thoughts which you have perceived through the years, through our online presence and also offline, about me. I am so glad I could meet a few friends and admirers from the virtual world to reality but I haven’t yet met some of my awesomest mates online. Probably soon, hopefully.

There could be comments, compliments or criticism, could be love, could be hatred…whatever it is, do pour in your thoughts on me. I have been rude to some( under unusual circumstances), perhaps unfair to others and possibly hurt a few sentiments. But nevertheless, you too LOLed on my posts, enjoyed them, shared and complimented me. You did ping me personally expressing your gratitude, showering me with feel-good-sweet-somethings, admiring me, adoring me…making me feel full of life even in a virtual world  that seems so real. But honestly, I am proud to have all of you as a part of my life. The good ones stay through the years, the  odd ones get filtered out with time.

Three cheers to you all. Life is short. Live fast, so you don’t have to regret if you die young. You see, all things shall perish one day! Being selfish is fine, but make sure you give this world something self-less that you can feel proud of, when you watch it from up-above-the-sky.

I am happy that I brought about some cheers to few souls and that itself is success for me. I would be glad if you could take some time out to write me a good old days  Orkut-Style-Testimonial that I would cherish all through the years to come.

Happy 29th Birthday to me.

20 comments on “Your thought is my gift – On my Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Vishy 🙂 You are definitely amongst the most wonderful people i have ever come across in the virtual world. We havnt met too, but that doesn’t really take away anything from the warm friendship we share! You writing, your awesome photographic skills, the genuine concern and kindness you show towards people in general, lovely sense of humor and a positive radiance around you (of course you do have your extreme lows 🙂 but then you always get back with a lot more positivity) definitely makes you a wonderful person and an awesome friend to hold on for life 🙂 May this year bring you tons of Happiness, joy, success, Love and may God grant you whatever you wish for in life!

  2. Generally when people go through worst stage of life they expect some one who can stand beside ,some one who is very near and dear one but when you came to my life my dear friend i didn’t know much about you except your name even i remember i had never met you before but you stood beside me , inspire me through your wonderful thoughts , hold my hand , it’s absolutely amazing once you arrive in my life Happy Birthday dear friend …YOU ARE GODS OWN CHILD …YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND ONE CAN EXPECT FOR THE ENTIRE LIFE ..because you are a WISH…Happy B’day Dear friend …cheers Subrat

  3. u r an amazing person…it was really really really nice meeting u…. ur thoughts have always inspired me… i wish to see ur wedding bells this year… all the best and a very happy birthday…..

  4. “Dil toh Bacha hey jii…par sacha n acha hey”– dats the way you are…
    Wish you a very Happy B’day!!!
    Never to worry… at the age of 30.. u wud b … ‘youthfully Aging’…
    U have been creative , n, built a beautiful world of urs ,dat is very attractive…
    n, it’s possible wen the artist has a true heart…
    Annoying u is fun… n, u getting annoyed is super fun…
    Keep Smiling all through the years…n, get all success…

  5. Happy b’day Vishy 🙂 m really glad to come across u.. hv been an admirer of ur thoughts…. loved ur writing.. n offcrse u r one amazing photographer… More than that, i see a lovely heart which spreads happiness n smiles fr everyone.
    May u achieve all ur wishes, dreams….
    Wish u a very happy n happening year ahead 🙂 god bless!

  6. Hey Vishy,
    Things have definitely changed between us over the past few months but my good wishes for you haven’t.We might not be on talking terms anymore but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish you on your special day 🙂 i have no qualms in accepting i have always “admired and adored” you as a person and there have been many a times when you and your posts have brought a big smile on my face.So on your birthday i just thought of keeping all the differences and my ego aside and wishing you a Very happy 29th Birthday.May this birthday bring you lots of happiness,success,prosperity and you have bigger,better and grander times ahead. 🙂
    after all life is too short to keep grudges and regrets 🙂
    keep rocking 😀

    p.s- I don’t know how you will take it 😛

  7. Happy B’day Vishy Fishy!
    We haven’t talked much but I must tell you that i really love your candor. You are unpretentious and genuine and that’s what makes you great. Sharing the same birth year as yours i can quite relate to your posts and the phase you are going through on some fronts 😉 Sending across loads of best wishes and good luck for a fantastic 2013! 🙂

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to U Vishy… wish you every success this year and hope this is THE YEAR for all the best of everything in ur personal and professional life.. wish to meet u in person soon… 🙂 its about time i think!! i find u an inspiring, warm, funny, and a very intelligent person, and always dedicated to the causes and the people which and who are in ur heart..and i am blessed to have u as a friend .. wishing u a wonderful day and have a drink or two from me!! love Jo xxxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Hello my Facebook Guru.
    Happy Birthday my friend. Dont worry about entering 30s cos Im enjoying the most after I entered the 30s. All I can say to you is keep loving maga. One gal will surely be lucky to get such an interesting guy. But never get disappointed about anything related to love. Cos as i Say Love is permanent, Lover is not. Be happy always

  10. “… my perception about you as an individual, as a new found friend… well Vishy…Vish…Biswajeet…

    Vishy for being the playful guy next door…who everybody totally adores…
    Vish for your poisonous smile… that infectious smile which can make any girl go head over heels for you…
    Biswajeet… well you have that winning streak… u win people with that smile.. your attitude.. your knack to appreciate people for what they are… for their work…

    Your irresistible smile makes you reliable…You are funny, quirky and audacious… A guy of substance, unlike other guys you actually put forward your views and sometimes its always nice if the opposite sex actually takes up the reigns to do all the talking for a change…

    An artist is always the jewel…. I like it how you see the world through your camera lenses… and let others see the same… you just dont capture pictures but emotions … such that every person can relate to them some way or the other… you are not just another monkey with a camera… trust me you got the eye to distinguish beauty from utter randomness…

    And then how can I forget those blog posts…. a voice that wants to reach out to millions and think…yes I think I say what world thinks… give people a Mirror to glance through reality.. some cant weave words as beautifully as you can…

    Little nuances from your #nowplaying depicting your mood, your utmost focus when you are doing something really techie to that glum face you make at times for things you think are not happening right!”….. you have read this before…. sometime in Sept…a lot has happened since then… but these words will stay the same…

    “I do not know your care quotient nor have I ever been subject to your bombastic anger (as you say)… “so far” you have been great and I am glad for that odd monsoon night when that FB req happened!
    “So Far” it was great knowing you…and would obviously like to unveil this cute-adorable-nonchalant-to-world-dreamer… “…. Been there, done that… now I do know you, but I can’t deny the fact that one of the best times in my life were with you!! And I thank you for that!! 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Vish! Don’t worry about your age, just continue to be as honest and as interesting as you are, regardless of your age.:)

  12. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the one who’s been always a support to me…to my very first virtual friend….to the UNIQUE Vishy with his charming soul patch (I nevr miss that…)….to the one who is miles away from me yet so close…to the one having unique talents (blogs, photography, travelling,….most of our likes do coincide) n has always been a true inspiration to this lill islander of Mauritius. All I have to say is to enjoy this day and ill b always hre supporting u. We may hve distanced but I firmly believe u r my true friend, be it virtually..n whatever happens am here n vice versa. Lots of love and may u be blessed with a mere virtue of smile n success.

  13. Thr GOLDEN GUY…my friend…n i can put each n every following word before d word ‘friend’ 4 VISHY….amazing-brilliant-charming-dynamic-energetic-fantastic-genius-heartwarming-incredible-joyous-kind-lovely-magical-nice-outstanding-precious-qualitative-reliable-sensitive-trustworthy-unbeatable-valuable-wonderful-x factor-youthful-zesty..hav d most glorious n
    successful life ahead…:)

  14. Belated Happy B’day dear vishy….i found u a wonderful person thru ur blogs,ur posts,ur cmnts nd above all ur amazing photography……nature lover in true sense…ur genuine concern towards social nd general issues makes u more wonderful………stay blessed dear…….all d best for ur personal nd professional life ahead…..

  15. Dear Vishy, happy birthday!!ur blog is so honest n heartfelt. ..luvd it. Its nt easy to keep ur admirers always admiring ,but u did it. .i was promoted frm being a follower to a friend,the journey,thoroughly enjoyd.ur hv fresh perspective to evry aspect of life. multitalented as u r with ur blogwriting,photography,trekking,u r truely youthfu:(29?so what!!)Evry morning i really look forward to ur posts.

  16. As Mastercard’s tagline goes – “There are certain things that money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Mastercard”. Indeed. Among those certain things are these self-less, unconditional affection n compassion of yours in the form of words towards me, of our online presence through the years, that only becomes stronger with each day which probably started from nowhere in this strange world. Some of you are newly friends but nevertheless, am sure the social connect will follow the same winning streak.

    It does make me feel good, confident and full of zest n panache each day when I login into FB. Makes me feel like James Bond. 😉

    In fact, am proud to have some of the most intelligent, sensible, loving, considerate buddies who’re by my side through thick and thin. Not sure, if I’ll be able to pen down the thoughts this beautifully for you given a chance but I’ll surely continue to bring about some smiles and add to happiness through the days as we continue to grow together. You simply made a mark, embossing your golden words into a 1000 Carat plate of Friendship!

    So here goes a special note of thanks, right from the bottom of my sock to you:
    @Ligia, Jaya, Subrat, Snigdha, Swarupa, Shalini, Dev, Nidhi, Jo, Ganiboy, Anita, Somya, Divyansha, Divya, Priyum, Rimpa, Meenakshi and Charu.

    A BIG SHOUT OUT to Arunava, Ketan, and Anisha (Singh). U may not be here but well, am glad to have the unabashed admiration from you guys.

    Made my day. You rock. Thanks so much. Love you all.

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