Here I Am!

Circa – Sep. 2009 (Click for Fullview)

Words are the only Jewels I possess
Words are the only Clothes that I wear
Words are the only Food that sustains my life
Words are the only Wealth I distribute among people  ~ Sant Tukaram

In matters of love, I am Italian,
In matters of food, I am Belgian,
In matters of business, I am Swiss,
I am an Indian, so nothing else matters!

Developer by Profession (or by accident), wee-bit Techie, Ex-Athlete (Sprints), Trekker, Passionate Photographer, Rock music maniac (any genre for good music actually)  & add movies to the list, Social Network addict, Worshiper of Himalayas & need I say, a Blogger too! 🙂

Like to see green, love to idle beneath the vast expanse of the blue…Oh yeah, that’s me! Since am a travel maniac, some of my freaky trip videos here:

P.S. Finally had to alter ‘my pen from the diaries to fingers on blogs’ with my first ever blogosphere entry – “The Himalayan Sojourn” , right on this new year. Many thanks to the Himalayas for a motivation. Had kept it captive for a long time…finally freed!

To shout out to me, here’s what U gotta hit:

14 comments on “Here I Am!

  1. After reading all you posts and blogs .. i am now a craziest fan of urs.. will love you till the end…

    You are my favorite… I see an upcoming Sidney Sheldon in ya..
    You are a diamond … a treasure and any girl will fall for you… You are cute when you say you are software developer.. but your hobby of writing and photography makes you my HERO… my Dream Boy… heheheh Jyada ho gaya.. but thats what i feel.. i love and respect intelligency.. You are a GEM to nation…

    My best wishes are with ya.. you’ll be soon very renowned… where you go and whatever yo do…

  2. No matter how much we write about him is gonna be less.. His knowledge, Intelligence, Wittiness is remarkable… He is ocean of knowledge and information.. I think Google should to start feel inferior coz after google and wikipedia its gonna be BR search of information… Dont think am pulling ur leg Mr Rana its compliment… To be honest i dont get much time to read newspapers and watch news… the lil time i get i prefer reading your blogs after work tht 20 – 30 mins coz i get news info gossip a lil all at one place thts your blog… and the fun part about reading your blog is your wittiness how cleverly u write them… you’ve got the art of using words so nicely and put it across to readers which is is apprehensive and understandable…

    your blog gives sense of refreshment and a smile to me after tiring day at work.. not exaggerating but telling a fact, a reality…. Keep up the Awesome Work and keep rolling in these articles and spread the knowledge… Love your work !!!!! and make sure i miss out on nothing none of ur articles coz it would be a loss for me ….. and i like to acquire knowledge as much as i can… so dont miss me when u sharing articles…..

    • Thank so much Heena. U never comment on my posts/statuses but never knew U observe them so astutely. I like ur name “Heena Soni Vishy Fishy fan”. Thanks again. Feels good really.

  3. In simple words Vish—->U R PERFECT!!!!!
    i keep in touch with ur blogs..ur trends..fb..ur alluring photographs… i told u before am also a fan of urs!!!!am so lucky to have u as a friend(be it virtual!!) 🙂 i feel that u speak ur mind frankly and honestly…I THEREFORE BLESS U WITH THE VIRTUE OF WRITING MORE INTERESTING BLOGS ND may ur passions elevate to newer heights….:)

  4. A friend who was not gifted by my environment or class or groups but by fate itself..

    Like ur posts. like ur blog. Hate your arrogance but love your kiddy smile. More than that, like the person you are. You know what, whenever I feel sad or want to get rid of this fake-book for some reason.. and when after long time or short, I come back, I find.. bas ek hi sahi, but ur comment.. even when I was in a dark time with my mom, u asked about. I guess that’s easy and normal to do in this online-erra but that was way too much you did, bro.
    Take care.. I am a funny guy, take it as some brotherly nonsense..whatever.. just be that vishy.. the vishy who loves adventure, who goes down a waterfall and records the excitement, the vishy who can cut down the throat of any fake politician or celebrity.
    U r a hero. An inspiration, unlike comic book superheroes or DON-s of bollywood.. Heroes hav emotions. Just don’t let them catch you hard…

  5. Hey , u know what Biswa , I think compairing you with sydney was kinda very wierd .. Rofl.. am amused on ma thinking.. so here i wanna rant .. that you are like my very own fav “chetan bhagat” … am skeptical if u like him or not.. u r somewhat like him 🙂 … so here goes my all ❤ new love to your writing.. keep writing !!!!

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