How to view the links and notes of people who are not on your Friend-list/Friends-of-Friends list on Facebook

To all my fellow facebookies…

With Facebook changing its layout every morning I wake up, sometimes it gets difficult for me to believe my most recent post just got obsolete!!! Yet, the Facebook exploration spree continues from my end, with this new post that hopefully helps the facebookies…(and is irrespective of the changes in business rules as of now… who knows what’s in store tomorrow with your homepage look and feel)

You remember a ‘Link’ that’s posted by your friend long back on his/her Wall, and wish to visit the URL/site once again, what would you do? Two options:

1. Hunt for the “Links” tab on the person’s profile or go to the “Boxes” located at the left panel (though not a panel exactly) like the ones encircled in the pic. below. But there’s a fair chance that both, Links Tab as well as Boxes aren’t present on his/her profile! Options now: ( please read on… 🙂 )

Click to enlarge

2. Go to the Wall of your friend or friend-of-friend (if they have been made visible) profile and keep clicking “Older Posts” right at the foot of the Wall. (but this is like a fool’s way of going about it..ain’t it?)

But we aren’t fools! We are smart enough, with our sneaky tactics to overcome the woes (let’s restrict to Fb as of now :D) right in front. So, even if the guy/gurl has set the Links/Notes entirely open to EVERYONE ,yet with the new Fb privacy settings(Friends in Network chopped off) they are just visible till Friends-of-Friends.

Say for e.g. you just saw the pic. above where I (Biswajeet Rana) have the  Privacy Settings for Links/Notes visible to Everyone and they are visible like the way they do on the pic above in tabs. But, wtf, it’s Everyone still when I visit my profile from another profile of mine which has a very distant connection to me i.e. only through FB Search, the profile looks somewhat like this:

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What you observe here is, neither the Tabs are visible nor the Boxes for Links/Notes. So how to go about it?

Solution time!

1. Get the facebookie’s ‘unique’ profile-id:

For Biswajeet Rana, it is “603790700”. How to get it? Just hover your mouse on the “Profile Picture” of the facebookie and look at the  browser’s footer (FF/Chrome/IE) as shown in the image below:

Click to enlarge

2. Go to your browser’s URL bar, and type :



Well, fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t been able to check on the PHOTOS stuff since of late Fb changed it Privacy settings again. But then there definitely would be a chink in the armour, though this is just a friendly hack! 😉

And you are good to go here and check out the entire catalog of Notes and Links of your Friends/Friend-of-Friends/Stranger. Enjoy Facebooking.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome!

P.S. This research on the above post is relevant only on the Privacy Settings set by the facebookie. Lest it’s made entirely private, you better be contented with your own notes and links :D, else kill your time with mine.

UPDATE: 12/6/2010

With the new Facebook profile, to see your bookmarked/shared links type this URL on your browser:

This shows you all “My Friend’s Links”. Besides the link label, you can find My Links. Click on it and you are good to go.

Further questions are welcome.


How to publish your profile picture on Facebook wall

As an avid Facebookie as well as a techie,  I love fiddling around the features of Facebook that continue to delight me yet disappoint me but occasionally on the constantly improvised design changes (business rules in technical terms).

At times, the features  get so utterly intimidating for first time users, that with so many cool features they still want to stick to their good ol’ social networks. I feel I should have been the brand ambassador for Facebook already for encouraging so many of my friends, rather dragging them to use Facebook. After all who doesn’t like the LIKE to be hit and comments/compliments to be registered!

I thought of putting down the stuffs I discover, for there are times when I searched a few requirements on my Facebook profile on google and do not find the proper result to guide me.

So, here are few tips on how to publish your profile picture on your wall.

[Latest update – 06/30/2012]

Just change your profile picture, rest is taken care by FB. Your pic appears on other’s feeds/homepage with a bigger image as “[XYZ] changed her profile picture“. No publishing needed anymore.

[Update – 06/28/2012]

You don’t have to do any publish than just uploading you profile picture, and then add a comment/reply to someone’s comment beneath your picture. As soon as you comment, it goes onto others’ Tickers and appears on their homepage as “<Your name> also commented on his picture….(with the picture on their homepage/feeds)”

[Update- 10/22/2011]

At least now FB realized what pain in the butt it is for people to ‘Like’ ur DP by following FOUR steps:

1. See notification on homepage of DP change in thumbnails.
2. Go to his/her Profile.
3. Click on Profile Pictures to view the album
4. Click on the specific pic U wish to like…..There U go!

Now it simply appears on their homepage as you comment. So more likes. And u feel good. 🙂

[Update- 06/13/2010]

New profile pictures, right from the DP (Display Picture) do not publish anymore. This feature, I’m afraid has been called off by Facebook. (or may be a bug on FB’s part of late but highly unlikely)  This is noticeable after the  latest change on live-feed notifications on Profile Pictures change from your friends and friendship-requested ones.

However, there are ways to publish the same photo on your wall. i.e.

1. The “alternative” way given above – click “Post Album to Profile(mentioned in the above pic.) (Now appears in the leftmost corner, at the bottom of the Profile Picture album)

2. Tag the Profile Picture with your facebook user name so that the update is instantly sent as a feed to your friends who are instead directed to your profile picture, once clicked.

How it was when it all started:

There are a couple of ways to set your profile picture on Facebook.

1. Set one right from your album

2. Click on “Profile Pictures” album> Change Profile Picture

3. Click on ‘Change Picture’ straight on your already set or to be set Profile Picture of your personal profile. Browse and upload.

While the first two options would work in case you already have photos/albums in your profile, the 3rd way is the one if you are new to Facebook.

And Voilà! The 3rd way is the only option right now to “publish” your profile picture on your wall. You can choose to skip as per your wish! The description for publishing is set as the caption!

Alternatively, if you wish to publish your entire album along with the Profile Picture, below is the screen-shot to refer but the picture on the post changes to your current profile picture set. So, your friends would have “liked” or commented on the post referring Pic A, but you would have changed to Pic B now. Hence, inapt comments for an apt picture 😉

Did this help? Btw, Happy Publishing! 🙂

Please do let me know if you have any questions or issues on this.