As I scribble with one hand, smiling…

23rd Nov, 2011:

 Only pain is real. Everything else is fake.

At a point of time, when you already feel you’re going through a Quarter-Life crisis; your life on the professional front is disappointing you and the personal one is inflicting too much pain despite your conscious unstinted efforts on both fronts, there was some nuance that was missing, now fulfilled by – a physical injury. So, you meet with an accident that results in one of the most painful injuries – a shoulder dislocation of the joints, forcing you on a tight shoulder immobilizer wrapped around your body that clinches your neck & an arm in a fixed position, immobilizing you partially for 21 frigging days!!!

I was upset at this injury, not because I am scared of pain (talking of pain, it was so excruciating that one sedative and two diclofenac injections failed to do what they were supposed to do and I was trembling along with sweat, & whimpering aloud literally) but because it came at a time when I bought a lens worth 20 grand, a day before, and was about to come home for a vacation a day after with plans to trip around the brackish salt water lagoon “Chilika Lake”, also largest wintering ground for migratory birds on the Indian sub-continent, for some breathtaking shots of Siberian birds. Not only that, now I am forbidden from driving my car that I gifted dad last visit. It’s not that my sling is out on 22nd day and I’ll be free to do everything. I’ll have to undergo physiotherapy for a month thereafter until my shoulder is strong again to drive, ride and gym et al.

Amid all this I realized that you can never be self-sufficient. You end up depending on others. You are bound to! Staying away from your own people and friends-for-life is so damn tough, especially, in situations like this where you can’t even squeeze out toothpaste out of that tube without struggling. Solitude turns into loneliness. You will have acquaintances but seldom can you approach any to come for “your service”. That’s cuz not all are bothered about your misery.

But they say – Maktub. It’s written. At times, you witness events that instill the faith in you, that there’s a supreme divine power guiding you, protecting you even though you were upset with HIM and did not even utter His name once, when you were in pain. But you realize your sufferings were way less than worse.

What if there wasn’t even this only person who lifted my arm, and accompanied me to the hospital in this situation? What if the hospital wasn’t close by? What if the doctor came really late? What if that person did not stay with me barring his office time, until the doc came? What if the Orthopedist came really late until the reduction of my joint was performed? What if the reduction process got messed up?

The feeling of being in hospital with an acute injury and no familiar faces is terrible. I called up a friend staying close by who reached the hospital to tend to me. Thankfully, everything had settled by then. And I updated my Facebook status. When in Bangalore, even God gets caught up in traffic! Hence, makes alternate plans to reduce your sufferings in case of any impending mishap. I managed to pack my stuff with his help and fly back home with one single arm.

P.S. After quite a long time, I decided to write as I was pushed by few goodwill friends to start writing again.  I had been staying away from my blog apprehending whatever will come through this keyboard are going to sound lull, dull and dejected. But I guess putting them here gives me little satisfaction.

The name of the man who helped me was ‘Trisool’ and he was an IT guy.