This Request Can’t Be Sent! – Because it’s FaceBook Shit.


Not for men, but for women folks with Facebook rolling out its restrictive features on Friend Requests, i.e. You get a “This Request Can’t Be Sent” message when you click on the Add as Friend button! For what f*ckin good do they have a Networking/A Relationship/Dating option in the “Here For” field on Personal Info tab then?

And tell you what folks, this works/annoys you only when a request goes from Sex: Male –> Female. Seldom the other way round! So go ahead hide your sex and see if you can beat the algo.

Ok fine. You can’t really send a request to a lady you met at the Airport since FB’s algo considers you are stranger to the lady. But now the big question is when a lady sends a request to you, because she knows you, are you supposed to get this message when you accept? Have a look at below WTF image:

Out of many Facebook bugs that prevail in the system, this is one annoying bug of another WTF-FB-BUGGING-Feature.

Our dear Facebook Developers are so obsessed to stop friendship threats from MALE facebookers, that they won’t even let you accept requests  from FEMALES who wish to befriend you. Not that you could never accept, but I would let you fiddle around or write a letter to Mark Zuckerberg if you wish to. And there’s isn’t a thumb-rule that you’ll always end up getting it. But mostly it’s for all those button which block you to send, also block you to accept! WHOA! Cool ain’t it!

Btw, for what utter crap is this form for? Does it work ever for anyone? I doubt. Just another misleading useless webform.

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With privacy features changing more often(than promiscuous relationships) without notification to the user (e.g Places), and addition of unwanted as well as removal of useful and user-friendly features to be replaced by uncool ones, I have been finally motivated to move to Twitter full-time. Yeah, there was a time I had been patronizing and writing posts about my Facebook addiction, thanks to its customizability. Unfortunately now its terms are more dictated than offering the freedom of socializing or so-called Socially Networking.

Happy to be tweeting. Thankfully, it’s more or less static and not annoying like Facebook where you experience features changing every morning you wake up. But nevertheless, let’s be waiting for “This Request Can’t Be Accepted” feature from Facebook.