After watching Inception – Movie Review.

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I do not think I am good enough I could write a review on this brainstorming movie – Inception that keeps the waves of your brain surging high every now and then, don’t think I am at par with the professional dedicated movie-buff bloggers. But then, I could not resist dedicating a post to this brilliant piece of mind-work by a sorcerer named Christopher Nolan.

With a 1000+ solid review of this film floating in the world of Internet n Social Networking, it seems like the most common movie-defining words like mind-bending…masterpiece…et al would fall into the category of royal plagiarism. But there’s no go. You have to use them for a mind-bending masterpiece like this one!

Since finding the plot and story wouldn’t be difficult for this most awaited/hyped movie so far this year, I ain’t repeating the same again. I do not prefer narrating the story. Rather, would allow my brain to instruct my fingers to scribble what I felt when I got up from that seat in the theatre.

It so happens whichever movie I watch in solitude, tends to be a masterpiece & one of its own kind. 🙂 Then Love, Sex aur Dhokha (LSD review here), now Inception. I despise watching movies alone in the theatres but I can’t really wait for others to have their schedule coincide with mine.

After Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight, this is yet another full-of-depth movie offered by Nolan mid 2010. The fascinating thing as per me is, all the above mentioned movies are ranked well within IMDb top 100 movies of all time. And he definitely joins the league of one of the most charismatic and enigmatic film-makers on ‘film noir’ genre in present times.

After seeing this movie, I could somehow relate it to Fight Club, Avatar and Shutter Island. Fight Club and Shutter Island because of the thought-provocation they provide towards the end and Avatar because of the high dosage of Sci-Fi and wilderness of imaginations.

If James Cameron showed us the beautiful world of Pandora, then Christopher Nolan shows us how to get lost in a world of 3-layered subconsciousness and come back from it, to your conscious self.

But nonetheless, for me personally, this movie outpaces the other three. Such was the pace that it failed to keep me glued to the seat for I was pushed to the edges time & again, with my brain working so fast & harsh that I’d never allowed it to exercise like this during high school days, figuring out substitutions for Integral Calculus problems!!

Talking about the protagonist, Leonardo DiCaprio has come a long way in his journey of stardom right from being a mushy chocolate boy – Jack Dawson in Titanic to the genius Espionage – Dobb in Inception whose job is to ‘extract’ ideas and confidential information from people’s mind when they are in dreams. Dreams are nothing but a state of the subconscious mind. And whatever you see or build in dreams are your projections!

Unfortunately, he hasn’t bagged an Oscar even after two nominations in Best Actor category for Blood Diamond and The Aviator. Hope this year turns out to be a jinx-breaker akin to Martin Scorsese via The Departed– his yet another fave partner/director. If not for Inception, then for Shutter Island or vice-versa! He deserves it. And for now, he has all rights to flatter himself with his acting novelties.

Good to see Michael Caine again who’s undoubtedly Nolan’s chosen star. I liked Caine since childhood when I saw “Blame It on Rio” on Star Movies and had a huge crush on the gorgeously bubbly Michelle Johnson.

One more character – Yusuf is played by Dileep Rao, who I noticed in “Drag Me to Hell” and “Avatar”. So far, Jimi Mistry was the most noticeable Indian/NRI artist. This is really nice to find Indians doing well in the mainstream cinema, at Hollywood.

As a Sci-Fi, the twisted roads, one chunk of earth with buildings turning upside down over another chunk, people walking and vehicles plying on them by defying gravity etc. as perceived by the architect played by Ellen Page as ‘Adriane’ –  this movie has much better graphics than the mundane 2012’s where you could make out the artificiality.

Last but not the least, with so much cerebral food to offer, if you miss a chunk of it, you might end up having cerebral dysfunction trying to understand the complexities. Good to see this movie has lived up to the hype and the expectations.

Inception is cerebral interception. It’s like a maze. To solve it, you got to see it at least twice – a MUST at the theatres!

Movie Review of Love Sex aur Dhokha (LSD)!


I ain’t telling you the plot or the story here, rather my admiration for the movie and all about it on a very high-level. So, you could still go ahead and enjoy without a sense of déjà vu!

LSD/LSD-25 is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a semi-synthetic psychedelic drug per se! And I thought firmly, that the movie is going to be all about drugs and sex! Then I thought may be something like Kalyug. But, No….NO!!! Fortunately it ain’t the run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s simply more to LSD.

Now, I feel I should be given the “Corporate Employee of the Quarter” award for having bunked the first half of my office-day, just to catch First-Day-First-Show of LSD…….Love, Sex aur director ne diya Dhokha….Naay!! NOT AT ALL! It’s Love, Sex aur Wow, Kya movie maine Dekha….! Watching a movie in solitude at the theater was never my cup of tea  + gives a sombre experience for me, (only once before) but thanks to Dibakar, I was glued to my seat.

This is the movie ‘Love, Sex aur Dhokha’, acronymed as LSD by the talented Dibakar Banerjee, with the type that is one of its own kind or say, first of its own kind. At the outset, if you just went to this movie expecting to satiate your sleaze balls or get a whip of titillation on the big screen, or just apprehending a good starcast, then this movie is definitely a big NO for you.

This ain’t a single setting movie but opens up in 3 different subplots, with each story beautifully hyperlinked that eventually intersects with the other which is what got me fascinated with this pattern of story-telling. Not sure if I could call this a “Dark” or “Thriller” or a  …and definitely isn’t a “Drama” but may be a potpourri  of all genres.

The entire ‘runtime’ of the movie happens to be on multiple video footage shot by a handheld camera akin to Paranormal Activity but then this has more to offer than just horror or docu-drama! Moreover, it is so very well justified that I could not find a single chink in the armor wrt the video footage shoot as compared to other masala bollywood movies where you can find something unrealistic or well-nigh unthinkable!!! Pretty well justified by the director and hats off to him.

Btw, I personally admire DB/Ekta Kapoor for being gutsy enough to have got this movie out in an IPL season when most of the viewership would have gone into the regional team leagues than multiplex hits. Sure, this movie will give Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies a run for money.

This movie is definitely hilarious with all the mundane northy slangs, as well as the lingo. One more good aspect is, the movie has a bunch of novices who, either are theater-stars or just freshers, have meted out their characters so well, is certainly praise-worthy.

Overall, I loved the movie and don’t give a damn on the TOI ratings or what-so-ever but I would rate it a ★ ★ ★ ★ .5/ 5.

Being actively involved in the #LSDKnockOffs league since last evening on Twitter attempting knock-offs of the movie title, here are some of the funny knock-offs:

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  • Gov, Sex & Dhoka – The story of ND Tiwari.
  • Love, Sex aur Oprah – Because women really want to talk.

Last but not the least…if ever my Boss stumbles upon this blog post in the near future, then I would like to say, “Boss, I am crazy with my whims. Please catch LSD asap!!!”.  😀

Snort it OR Watch it….Enjoy LSD!!!  😉