Your thought is my gift – On my Birthday

Dear wonderful folks,

My 1st post this year -2013 right on my Birthday, Jan 31st – I reach 29. One more year and I turn __( U do the maths). Not sure if I would be considered youth anymore. But the fire of a 21-year-old will always be there until I die, I guess. So, I thought why not this year, I should get some of your thoughts which you have perceived through the years, through our online presence and also offline, about me. I am so glad I could meet a few friends and admirers from the virtual world to reality but I haven’t yet met some of my awesomest mates online. Probably soon, hopefully.

There could be comments, compliments or criticism, could be love, could be hatred…whatever it is, do pour in your thoughts on me. I have been rude to some( under unusual circumstances), perhaps unfair to others and possibly hurt a few sentiments. But nevertheless, you too LOLed on my posts, enjoyed them, shared and complimented me. You did ping me personally expressing your gratitude, showering me with feel-good-sweet-somethings, admiring me, adoring me…making me feel full of life even in a virtual world  that seems so real. But honestly, I am proud to have all of you as a part of my life. The good ones stay through the years, the  odd ones get filtered out with time.

Three cheers to you all. Life is short. Live fast, so you don’t have to regret if you die young. You see, all things shall perish one day! Being selfish is fine, but make sure you give this world something self-less that you can feel proud of, when you watch it from up-above-the-sky.

I am happy that I brought about some cheers to few souls and that itself is success for me. I would be glad if you could take some time out to write me a good old days  Orkut-Style-Testimonial that I would cherish all through the years to come.

Happy 29th Birthday to me.

Ways to identify a Photographer


She: Hey, Vish is a photographer.
He: Oh really! Which camera do you use?
Me: I just click pictures. Do I qualify now??

It’s practically pointless to showcase your work to someone or to introduce your passion to someone whose 1st question would be which gear you use for Photography. That itself is an insult to the photograph and the owner. There are some who may as well, uninvited, ask you the same after seeing a nice picture about the kind of camera you use, as if once you hand it over to them, they would beat the shit out of you with some of the best award-winning Nat-geo pictures clicked from their magical hands!!

So here you have them as photographers. Now that they have the basic knowledge of what I carry i.e. a Nikon/Canon and a photo-editing software, you have some of the best ignored talents now surfacing as photographers. Not even budding, but pure professional photographers, who use SLRs only to click pictures. Every soul on earth knows D is for Digital. Have you ever tried asking them the full form of SLR? If not, try right away.

Since it is a fashion these days to be an SLR Photographer but may not necessarily mean Photography, here are few ways how you could identify them:

  1. Profile Pictures: Be it Facebook profile or a page, a DP with your D-SLR is a must! And your pose is the mundane “focusing through a view finder” with enormous attention that even scientists wouldn’t be sharing with electron microscopes. Poor Point-n-Shoot owners must be feeling left out.
  1. Watermarks: I always believed watermarks are required to establish the identity against theft or plagiarism of your authentic work. But what I do not understand is the usage of watermarks with HUGE BOLD/ITALIC fonts (XYZ Photography) in the mid of the picture or everywhere (minimum 3 places) in your picture that at times one wonders whether the font is the SUBJECT or the picture beneath the font is the subject! Again, they are Fotugraphers, you see.
  1. Borders: The look and feel of your pictures does get enhanced with borders, but what’s up with Black-Thick-White-Slim-Grey-Fat layers of border!!! I guess I need a magnifying glass now to actually see the content of your photo.
  1. Facebook FanPage: Oh dear! This was the only missing link so far. An FB page is free of cost. Let’s create one, make use of ‘Invite Friends’ & FB messages and spam all our friends and friends-of-friends until they LIKE it! Now, on your FB feeds Vishy likes Sissy’s Photography. Some no-brainer who loves liking all pages will go ahead and like it for sure. Voila! You have so many fans!!! But none have seen your pictures yet. You’re confident and go to pub to boast in front of that chick how awesome you’re at clicking and that she should be ready to pose for some (on bed).
  1. Facebook Albums: Your albums are named “Himalayas rock”, “Corbett National Park” etc but neither you see mountains, nor animals in them. Just humans with thick fat lenses posing with tripods, concentrating as if they are about to kill a lion. Longer the lens, better is the flaunting(acting). Okay! Where’s the content yaar?


So, these were the sure shot ways to identify the photographers around you. Yes, I own an SLR but I don’t consider myself as a photographer yet, for I do not qualify any of the above 5 criteria. I just love clicking. That’s my passion.

The truth behind Photography, however, is that the best and most creative pictures in almost all realms of life are anonymous.

P.S. The picture you see is a mock. I just couldn’t tamper more than that. In reality, the ones am talking about are worse than the above.

6 reasons why the new Facebook profile sucks.

So, you got this ridiculous Coming Soon intimation on your homepage as if you were really looking forward to the new profile! The fact that you did not migrate to the new profile till this point was essentially because you were more than contented with your old profile layout already.

Love it or hate it, you have to accept all the shit that they offer. And then there are no choices to choose a better shit or worse. My story is different; I was misled by their “What’s new” video and got migrated into the latest ASAP. The very next day I thought of coming up with this blog-post on how and why it was no more a social-network but an online market but then I thought perhaps I would get accustomed to it in a little time. It’s been months and not only me, but also my friends, young and old, despise it. I do not think any person apart from those who have their “Sponsored Ads” up and running in those panels would have welcomed this in true sense.

Here are 6 reasons (OMG, I could really find 6 reasons!!) why it really sucks:

1. Personal Profile page font: We did not really like the  home-page font size diminished. So, we asked Facebook to get back the old layout; they offered us the same shit on our personal profiles! So, my pages are always on a Ctrl+, thanks to the browser font size variation property.

2. Links Archive: You had a good reason to make Facebook as a bookmark organizer of your singled-out links, but now you have to break your head to find the archive of your links. And worse, your friend’s link, shared a couple of days back, instantly, unlike old profile Links tab. But the basics do not change. So if you wish to run through your previous links, take a look at this previous blog-post of mine.

3. No Info (sidebar) box for your blog traffic: You are a blogger. You shared your blog URL. And that was your identity how your voiced your opinion. Plus that set you apart from a ‘fake’ profile. But now with these inane big icons of Movies, Music, Inspirational People hitting your eyes instantly on click of Info tab, anyone would hardly care to get to your website info. present at the nadir of  your personal info. Hence, no traffic from outsiders on your blog via Facebook.

4. Sponsored Ads: The primary reason behind the whole idea of coming up with the latest changes to Personal Profile was to eat up your personal space in the left panel and transfer them to the right for Sponsored Ads. So more clicks, more Like-hits and more moolah for MZ.

5. Status Messages Archive: Well, he should understand that my profile is full of Farmville, Anita’s predictions and 101 new apps that spam your Time Line every new day that I cannot really scroll through and keep hiding them when I wake up in the morning to go through what my friends had written when I was offline. Here’s what I am talking about. Now that is extinct. (This is a part of homepage layout but was introduced in the same period as new FB Profile)

UPDATE: This feature is now available underneath the Most Recent link.

6. Networked blogs tab killed: The no links-tab feature almost killed Networked Blogs where you could follow others’ blog, have your profile and get traffic onto your blogs too. Again, a setback for bloggers.

Last but not the least, the most notable change in the new profile had been tagged photos appearing in your profile. I wonder who would like to see YourTaggedPals photos, or flowers, cakes, cartoons etc. So, the only good reason I figured out to make use of that feature is to display –>

than keep myself tagging inanely over n over again.

An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Hi Mark,

What’s up, Bitch? By the way, congrats for being the youngest billionaire, and the CEO of the 3rd highest valued company in US and making over 550 million friends. Hey, wait! They also include 250 million Farmers and Mafioso, 100 million disabled-accounts and 75 million fake (includes stray dogs n pets), out of which 50 million would be from India and rest 25 million are, perhaps, our neighbor’s contribution; thanks to Orkut’s decreasing popularity.

Good that you are coming up with an innovative and state-of-the-art technology Facebook Messaging (email) system as you discovered 4 billion messages getting sent each day. (What’s up with Groups? A big fail, eh?) Now we are sure the mails are going to be blocked half-way through, for your TERMS are going to be even longer! Longer than the 8189 paged Ayodhya Verdict, even a Federal Govt.’s rules and regulations. Do you also follow the terms set by you? Then why isn’t it possible to block you?

Well, it’s nice that with Facebook email, you are allowing attachments now. So, guys can send their masturbating videos to ladies they sex-texted before! Me? Sorry, I’ll still stick to Gmail for that. I do not wish anyone to see me while I am shagging away to glory. I need Privacy!

And then more blockages, more profiles disabled (but not deleted), new profiles added to Facebook and Voilà! Facebook’s counter shows 1 Billion profiles and soon to overtake population of China. Is this how you show the numbers to the whole world of Social Media?

Hey, I saw The Social Network. And my admiration and adulation for you knew no bounds after learning how you got this social-networking/dating site out basically! No wonder when you have disparaged your girlfriend and deceived your best friend, you will do very less to care about people’s privacy or their concerns.

Although your PRIVACY explanation is written in simple English, but your business rules are damn faulty! Do you test your privacy features at all? Automation, Manual…? Here are few nuggets and my observations on how you have been compromising your 500 million users’ privacy:

  • PandoraYelp, and Scribd. Now you added Instant Personalization options. But hey why did you forget to notify users on homepage when you ‘checked’ Places by default for them under Account Settings> Notifications?
  • Popular Applications/ ‘Apps’ on Facebook steal/transmit personal information.
  • Your application developers sell user information to data brokers for money.
  • Users set their Photo Album privacy to Friends Only (How am I so sure? Click ‘View Photos’ -> This content is currently unavailable) but if the wall is public one gets access to the published photos and to the entire album thereafter clicking ‘Back To Album’. WTF! Don’t you see the Ugly World of Morphing out there?
  • Those whose friend requests are “Awaiting Confirmation” can still have my personal posts/photos/photo-tags reflected on their feeds! How outrageous is that?

With so much of privacy breach stories, no wonder why this Halloween, people had been wearing your mask!


Now, let’s speak about the DISABLED profiles, on who violated your Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, as per you:

  • Thanks to your Share button people could share profiles they need to Report Abuse, on their walls. So, your Pinoy devotees have done the needful to my maiden & ‘Authentic’ profile.
  • Why the hell can’t you give or send warnings before you disable a profile? Your automated response after two months of my appeal says,

Your account was disabled because your behavior on the site was identified as harassing or threatening to other people on Facebook. Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to:

• Sending friend requests to people you don’t know
• Soliciting others for dating or business purposes

Isn’t the reason ridiculous, Mark? For what effing good do you have these “Looking For” options in your Basic Info then!!! Looks like your principle-makers are only on Twitter!Here for options on Basic Info

  • Have you ever had a chance to see how pissed people are because you disable profiles for reasons unknown? If not, have a check at who are also on Twitter and have been reaching out to victims to sign the petition against your totalitarian attitude. Also, Not just a handful of them, there are millions, even bloggers at NetworkedBlogs. You could check your own Petition groups and this topic. And some ridiculous reasons as mentioned in this topic as well. Oh yes, the previous topic is written by a lady if you thought only “Male” profiles fell prey!
  • You don’t have a mechanism to weigh the volume of data/IP content in each profile i.e. Photos, Albums, Videos, Links, Notes, Contacts etc. before disabling a profile? Why? You have an idea how agonizing it is to lose them & what a pain it is to upload them all over again!! And when friends are concerned, they think I have kicked them out from my list!

You know what man, I could go on, but I also have to mention about your “People You May Know” algorithms that usually pull out fake profiles with suggestive photos, which in turn invite one’s profile to be blocked again going by your Terms! You keep changing Facebook features every morning, without informing people what’s new on the site and let them accept whatever shit you offer! Do you know the recall of Publish Profile Picture feature on the wall has been a huge disappointment for users?

It’s an application and it would definitely have bugs. Do you just intimidate and block FRIEND REQUESTS or do you ever test your own application before letting it ‘Go-Live’? Did I just hear a deafening YES, then what’s this all about? And at times, when you post a comment, others don’t see it after sometime, makes one think he/she deleted it. Misunderstandings over FB now! WTF! Well, how many more times would you keep changing the useless SPAM filters for Amora/Anita/Astrology Predictions and all that shit app!

Although we’ve had a Quit Facebook Day on 31st May, 2010 fetching 37971 committed quitters, I understand it doesn’t make much difference to you, the ratio is just too less as compared to 500+ million active users, after all, right? But, keep your fingers crossed Mark, for this quitting no. would soon emulate your bragging FB figures.

You cannot do good to your users, the disabled and crippled profiles, all right, but if you could do this favor for the sake of mankind- PLEASE Unfriend Coal and keep the Planet Green and not make it Black instead. You’re CEO, Bitch! C’mon.

If you still cannot do any of these, then please change your name as suggested in the text editors.

text editor suggest

Many Thanks,
Facebook-turned-Twitter Addict


Image (Zuck’s Mask) Courtesy: Gawker

This Request Can’t Be Sent! – Because it’s FaceBook Shit.


Not for men, but for women folks with Facebook rolling out its restrictive features on Friend Requests, i.e. You get a “This Request Can’t Be Sent” message when you click on the Add as Friend button! For what f*ckin good do they have a Networking/A Relationship/Dating option in the “Here For” field on Personal Info tab then?

And tell you what folks, this works/annoys you only when a request goes from Sex: Male –> Female. Seldom the other way round! So go ahead hide your sex and see if you can beat the algo.

Ok fine. You can’t really send a request to a lady you met at the Airport since FB’s algo considers you are stranger to the lady. But now the big question is when a lady sends a request to you, because she knows you, are you supposed to get this message when you accept? Have a look at below WTF image:

Out of many Facebook bugs that prevail in the system, this is one annoying bug of another WTF-FB-BUGGING-Feature.

Our dear Facebook Developers are so obsessed to stop friendship threats from MALE facebookers, that they won’t even let you accept requests  from FEMALES who wish to befriend you. Not that you could never accept, but I would let you fiddle around or write a letter to Mark Zuckerberg if you wish to. And there’s isn’t a thumb-rule that you’ll always end up getting it. But mostly it’s for all those button which block you to send, also block you to accept! WHOA! Cool ain’t it!

Btw, for what utter crap is this form for? Does it work ever for anyone? I doubt. Just another misleading useless webform.

Click to Enlarge

With privacy features changing more often(than promiscuous relationships) without notification to the user (e.g Places), and addition of unwanted as well as removal of useful and user-friendly features to be replaced by uncool ones, I have been finally motivated to move to Twitter full-time. Yeah, there was a time I had been patronizing and writing posts about my Facebook addiction, thanks to its customizability. Unfortunately now its terms are more dictated than offering the freedom of socializing or so-called Socially Networking.

Happy to be tweeting. Thankfully, it’s more or less static and not annoying like Facebook where you experience features changing every morning you wake up. But nevertheless, let’s be waiting for “This Request Can’t Be Accepted” feature from Facebook.

Effective Facebooking with Organized Bookmarks and Managed Applications.

Although this post should have come a bit early but as the old adage goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. I would rather call it a discovery essentially because I needed it. Not that I did not know about it but just that I never felt the need. Fortunately, this is something that really helps me, with each day adding up to bouts of addiction to me on FB.

The next few lines are about all the ways you could enhance your social networking experience via your Facebook profile. Some of these features are known to us, some are not, and the rest, we never paid heed to. I am talking of Bookmarks on your Facebook homepage on the right panel and the Applications that you use to network or kill your time.

Organizing Bookmarks

It is quite obvious that we might miss out on lot of live/news updates (status/links/photos/videos/notes/tags) of our friends which might interest us. As per my observation goes, not all updates are LIVE in true sense. Some get hidden and get updated later when we scroll down again to the older updates that we have already seen. But seldom we do that, with Fb pouring in so many, every second on the homepage walls. So, the best way out is to organize our bookmarks for quick access to updates of our friends that we might have missed ‘recently’. Here are the ways:

1. Links/Notes:

In my previous post, few months back I had discussed how to view all the Links/Notes of friends or just anyone’s by manipulating the URL, even if the links’/notes’ tabs/boxes are not present in their profile page ( I will be discussing how to set them in your profile later in this post). But the post is quite techie, n wouldn’t interest the common mass.

As shown in the picture below, now you could arrange the apps as per your choice, preferably, Links/Notes on top than Applications & Games which are defaulted by FB. You can do this by clicking on “Edit” and then drag and drop the apps as per your suitability. The encircled ‘X’ image implies you could remove it completely from Bookmarks too. However, you could always set it back. (discussed below)

click to enlarge

2. Status Messages:

As far as my observations are concerned, not all status updates are caught by our eyes. Some just get skipped. So, all you have to do is click on Friends link-label and you get a drop down like this picture below:

Click to enlarge

Can you see a link-label as “Status Updates”? Well, clicking on that will give you all the recent updates by your friends. Now you don’t really miss any & don’t give a chance to your BFF as to why you didn’t comment/like such a witty status. The only disappointment here is there should be a node-subnode (+) icon shown that will make is know that there is something I need to follow-up. But only Facebook Developers know why they haven’t!

3. Photos/Videos:

You will be amused to see so many tagged videos and photos of friends you have missed on the updates. Here, you can catch everything once again. (See picture below)

click to enlarge

Managing Applications

Now I feel you should take some time out to explore a bit on the Application Settings and trust me there’s so much of customization you could do! Here’s something to save your time. Better thank me for all the R n D done just to make you task easy! 🙂

1. Setting back or removing Bookmarks from Application Settings:

Click on Application Settings on Account. You see a page like this (image below)

click to enlarge

Now, Click on ‘Edit Settings’ for Social Interview (e.g.), go to Bookmark tab, you could select/deselect as per your preference from your homepage. (See below screenshot)

click to enlarge

2. Settings of Boxes/Tabs on profile page:

On the same Application Settings, you could do a bit more. By default FB provides Wall/Info on your profile page.
You have options to set your fave app as a tab or a box on your profile. Refer the screen-shot below on settings for Links.( A box appears on the right panel below your DP)

click to enlarge

Same goes with Notes and other apps that give you an option to do so. You also could shuffle (using the + symbol at the end of Tabs) between various apps but in total only 6 could be accommodated. You could have a look at my profile now. (For people not on my FB friend list, I meant like this)

Well, until Facebook launches any additional features, I think this should be more than enough to keep you glued to it 24/7 now. 😉

Please let me know if I have missed anything somewhere and if it did help you. Comments/Questions/Suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Go ahead and share. Facebook for life!! 🙂

The whole Orkut shit on Facebook!

I hate to see the whole ORKUT shit coming on to taint Facebook now!! Fake profiles getting added each day to Fb endlessly & people adding those FAKE profiles mindlessly. May be with a hope to increase the counts of LIKE(s) or COMMENT(s) (that seldom come) on their posts !

Fb exercises a bit of stringent privacy policies, though a chink in the armor can’t be unavoidable. Any profile picture with explicit nudity is detected by Fb and soon the profile is quarantined.

Same goes in case you send friend requests ruthlessly just because you are fond of ogling at those mid-riffs on the profile pics which is of Paula but owned by Paul!

By adding these fake profiles we not only make ourselves [Privacy Settings:Only Friends] vulnerable but make Friends-of-Friends profiles exposed to the voyeurs/impersonators. This is because to the outside world, by default only ‘Info’ tab is visible and ‘Wall’ only if you have made it ‘Everyone’ in your settings.

All I would suggest at the end of the day is:
1.  Visit the profile once before adding the person. An interaction via emails helps judge the authenticity.
2.  A 4 digit no. in the friend-list is mostly for celebrities. Quite possible for a normal person too, but you have to ‘judge’ before you add.
3.  If the profile info has a blog link, visit the blog lest you think it’s fishy.
4.  Click on the display image (if enabled) to see the profile pics that give the sense it’s quite right!
5. See the personal info. Too much of geeky info + IIT/IIM/Foreign University is an alarming call.

One such profile is this which is nothing but an impersonated profile photo of a lady I know! And I can’t believe I have 8 mutual friends between she (apparently he) and me!

Well, no more being gracious & showering your potions of beauty or amity! Chuck them right away! (Click ‘Remove from Friends’)

I hated it when even a right-click was disabled on Orkut for photos in albums and no way you could see a person’s original pic for the display would always have a ‘bouquet’ or a ‘teddy’, so much was this impersonation/morphing scare. One out of the many factors has done the damage to Orkut.  So, too much of privacy sucks the Orkut way! But then being conscious of the way we do Social Networking, does matter.

The very essence of this post is to make Facebook a better place by an individual’s conscience/effort. And not make everything an onus on the Facebook Developers to take care. Lets keep Facebook clean before it becomes Fakebook! And all yo FB addicts like me, do spread the word.

Facebook is my lifeline. & I am one step away from it. And that is nothing but getting an id ‘ *****’. But then I quite love the place I work right now! 🙂

Born to……………..

10 reasons why I hate Facebook!

I am addicted!!! And I hate it. And have been hating it since a year almost!

My friends who never chat or call me, ping me on Fb chat asking if I was at office or home/which office?/if am working for Fb/if I was a Social Media & Communities guy?? Now I think this post would be good enough to have answers to all their questions.

So, here are the top 10 reasons why I hate Facebook aka FB the most:

1. My relationship/friendship(s) is/are on rocks!  I am accused for giving more time to Fb than my crushes or my crusher  😐

2. My productivity has hit all time low. Now my boss and HR are on talks to get this site banned from my system IP.  😦

3. My reading habit, be it newspapers/magazines/fiction has been badly screwed up. For I rely on Fb’s live/news feeds for everything!!!

4. I have stopped watching/downloading educational porn. Cuz U see the red icon popping up to notify me steals my attention more than the former flicks  😐

5.  I sleep less, rather insomniac thinking about the posts/links/notes/issues & await the sunrise to see what people have opined!!!

6. Colleagues mock me that I am working on a Facebook project rather than CRM platform’s.

7. My higher studies notions look very distant. If only I could get my eyes away from the laptop screen. 😦

8. I am way too distracted thinking what would be my life after marriage, that if, my wife might just file a divorce against me with this kinda addiction to Fb.

9. My kids would brand me as a bad father for not taking them to the roller-coaster rides rather asking them to go through the live updates and give their views on my posts!! :O

10. Enjoying my job but still thinking if I could be recruited for Facebook and be a part of the development team ( now that I have already done some good R & D on it & written blog-posts/tips) but scared about my social involvement to reduce to none at the same time??

Last but not the least. It’s April 1st. And I would confess that whatever it is, I LOVE FACEBOOK and come what may will stick to it and continue to have a Relationship status changed from Single to In an Open Relationship with FB. 🙂

Addicted to Facebook.

UPDATE – 07/07/2011

Now I really hate it. And more reasons in the below video

How to publish your profile picture on Facebook wall

As an avid Facebookie as well as a techie,  I love fiddling around the features of Facebook that continue to delight me yet disappoint me but occasionally on the constantly improvised design changes (business rules in technical terms).

At times, the features  get so utterly intimidating for first time users, that with so many cool features they still want to stick to their good ol’ social networks. I feel I should have been the brand ambassador for Facebook already for encouraging so many of my friends, rather dragging them to use Facebook. After all who doesn’t like the LIKE to be hit and comments/compliments to be registered!

I thought of putting down the stuffs I discover, for there are times when I searched a few requirements on my Facebook profile on google and do not find the proper result to guide me.

So, here are few tips on how to publish your profile picture on your wall.

[Latest update – 06/30/2012]

Just change your profile picture, rest is taken care by FB. Your pic appears on other’s feeds/homepage with a bigger image as “[XYZ] changed her profile picture“. No publishing needed anymore.

[Update – 06/28/2012]

You don’t have to do any publish than just uploading you profile picture, and then add a comment/reply to someone’s comment beneath your picture. As soon as you comment, it goes onto others’ Tickers and appears on their homepage as “<Your name> also commented on his picture….(with the picture on their homepage/feeds)”

[Update- 10/22/2011]

At least now FB realized what pain in the butt it is for people to ‘Like’ ur DP by following FOUR steps:

1. See notification on homepage of DP change in thumbnails.
2. Go to his/her Profile.
3. Click on Profile Pictures to view the album
4. Click on the specific pic U wish to like…..There U go!

Now it simply appears on their homepage as you comment. So more likes. And u feel good. 🙂

[Update- 06/13/2010]

New profile pictures, right from the DP (Display Picture) do not publish anymore. This feature, I’m afraid has been called off by Facebook. (or may be a bug on FB’s part of late but highly unlikely)  This is noticeable after the  latest change on live-feed notifications on Profile Pictures change from your friends and friendship-requested ones.

However, there are ways to publish the same photo on your wall. i.e.

1. The “alternative” way given above – click “Post Album to Profile(mentioned in the above pic.) (Now appears in the leftmost corner, at the bottom of the Profile Picture album)

2. Tag the Profile Picture with your facebook user name so that the update is instantly sent as a feed to your friends who are instead directed to your profile picture, once clicked.

How it was when it all started:

There are a couple of ways to set your profile picture on Facebook.

1. Set one right from your album

2. Click on “Profile Pictures” album> Change Profile Picture

3. Click on ‘Change Picture’ straight on your already set or to be set Profile Picture of your personal profile. Browse and upload.

While the first two options would work in case you already have photos/albums in your profile, the 3rd way is the one if you are new to Facebook.

And Voilà! The 3rd way is the only option right now to “publish” your profile picture on your wall. You can choose to skip as per your wish! The description for publishing is set as the caption!

Alternatively, if you wish to publish your entire album along with the Profile Picture, below is the screen-shot to refer but the picture on the post changes to your current profile picture set. So, your friends would have “liked” or commented on the post referring Pic A, but you would have changed to Pic B now. Hence, inapt comments for an apt picture 😉

Did this help? Btw, Happy Publishing! 🙂

Please do let me know if you have any questions or issues on this.