Movie Review of Love Sex aur Dhokha (LSD)!


I ain’t telling you the plot or the story here, rather my admiration for the movie and all about it on a very high-level. So, you could still go ahead and enjoy without a sense of déjà vu!

LSD/LSD-25 is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a semi-synthetic psychedelic drug per se! And I thought firmly, that the movie is going to be all about drugs and sex! Then I thought may be something like Kalyug. But, No….NO!!! Fortunately it ain’t the run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s simply more to LSD.

Now, I feel I should be given the “Corporate Employee of the Quarter” award for having bunked the first half of my office-day, just to catch First-Day-First-Show of LSD…….Love, Sex aur director ne diya Dhokha….Naay!! NOT AT ALL! It’s Love, Sex aur Wow, Kya movie maine Dekha….! Watching a movie in solitude at the theater was never my cup of tea  + gives a sombre experience for me, (only once before) but thanks to Dibakar, I was glued to my seat.

This is the movie ‘Love, Sex aur Dhokha’, acronymed as LSD by the talented Dibakar Banerjee, with the type that is one of its own kind or say, first of its own kind. At the outset, if you just went to this movie expecting to satiate your sleaze balls or get a whip of titillation on the big screen, or just apprehending a good starcast, then this movie is definitely a big NO for you.

This ain’t a single setting movie but opens up in 3 different subplots, with each story beautifully hyperlinked that eventually intersects with the other which is what got me fascinated with this pattern of story-telling. Not sure if I could call this a “Dark” or “Thriller” or a  …and definitely isn’t a “Drama” but may be a potpourri  of all genres.

The entire ‘runtime’ of the movie happens to be on multiple video footage shot by a handheld camera akin to Paranormal Activity but then this has more to offer than just horror or docu-drama! Moreover, it is so very well justified that I could not find a single chink in the armor wrt the video footage shoot as compared to other masala bollywood movies where you can find something unrealistic or well-nigh unthinkable!!! Pretty well justified by the director and hats off to him.

Btw, I personally admire DB/Ekta Kapoor for being gutsy enough to have got this movie out in an IPL season when most of the viewership would have gone into the regional team leagues than multiplex hits. Sure, this movie will give Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies a run for money.

This movie is definitely hilarious with all the mundane northy slangs, as well as the lingo. One more good aspect is, the movie has a bunch of novices who, either are theater-stars or just freshers, have meted out their characters so well, is certainly praise-worthy.

Overall, I loved the movie and don’t give a damn on the TOI ratings or what-so-ever but I would rate it a ★ ★ ★ ★ .5/ 5.

Being actively involved in the #LSDKnockOffs league since last evening on Twitter attempting knock-offs of the movie title, here are some of the funny knock-offs:

  • Love, Sex &  Jhadoo Poccha – Shiney Ahuja’s expectations from his maid
  • Love, Sex aur Sloka – The rise and fall of Nithyananda
  • Love, No Sex, Viewer ka Dhoka – The Tale of the Indian Censor Board & its puritan nonsense
  • Love, Sex aur Mocha – A lot can happen over coffee
  • Love, Sex aur Mocha – A Caffeine kick
  • 0-6 Aur Dhoka – What we can expect from Sania Mirza
  • Love, Sex aur Poda – The Mallu Playboy Philosophy
  • Gov, Sex & Dhoka – The story of ND Tiwari.
  • Love, Sex aur Oprah – Because women really want to talk.

Last but not the least…if ever my Boss stumbles upon this blog post in the near future, then I would like to say, “Boss, I am crazy with my whims. Please catch LSD asap!!!”.  😀

Snort it OR Watch it….Enjoy LSD!!!  😉

15 comments on “Movie Review of Love Sex aur Dhokha (LSD)!

  1. Dibakar is surely one of the best brains of the industry today..His other two movies were also excellent..Waiting to catch this one as well…There are only a few directors left who really dun give the audiences any “DHOKHA” and he is surely one of them..And about your blog..excellently written I enjoyed reading the reviews so much now I am hoping to enjoy the movie real soon!And yaa Love, No Sex Viewer ko Dhoka a Big lolzzzzzz for that dat…excellent job!

  2. Really, sometimes due wrong promotion/or title, we missed to check out few good movies at first sight. Thanks dude for making me wiser to predict “LSD” review… 😉

  3. Pratima Gupta March 20 at 12:15pm
    ya i wud definately share my own reviews sir
    dude u realy think dat in any scene movie is specifying its own title i mean … LOVE SEX AND DHOKHA
    wat d hell is wrong i cudnt c love anywhr in movie it was so outrageous shit…
    only lust no decorum…
    its fyn to picturise sex in movieS but not dis way dat ppl r geting creepy no respect fr galz all they want is bed scene n pornS TO BE SELLED

    n yeah wat was dhokha in movie jab pyar hi nahi hai toh dhokha ghanta hoga

    • Thanks for sharing ur view Pratima. However, with due respect I would like to clarify u on few f ur points
      1. Title: I am sure u turned up late to the movie or u were caught up in ur cell-fone conversations during the 1st sub-plot. Which definitely had no SEX. But LOVE and DHOKHA. Love from the eloped couples n Dhokha from the girl’s dad.

      2. Lust: I am a big time voyeur. I have 99GB of porn collection but I din’t see a single scene dat aroused my hormones or got me high on testosterone in the entire movie.

      3. Ladki ka Baap: He plays a character of a Underworld smuggler or some rogue business man. I don’t think we call it nudity when a MAN is not wearing anything that wud have covered his bosom. Did u happen to see his naked balls hanging by any means?? I saw the first-day-first-day, supposedly the uncut version, and I dint find any. How could u? So, the setting was absolutely apt with the “language” fitting the scene n his character in the movie.

      4. Family: It’s already certified “A”. Watching it with ur family or not watching, entirely depends on U!!!

      5. Sex scene: The entire scene in the 2nd subplot is mosaic-ed. N nothing was revealed. It was supposed to give a realistic picture since a handheld camera is fixed at its place. N dat this is not a typical movie where a Hero is shown smelling the neck of Heroine at different angles. And finally the rising sun n the lady crying. Is dat what U wished to have been shown in a so-called “Dark” genre film???

      I wud like to sum of the entire thing as Love was Shocking (end of the first sub-plot) . Sex was repulsive ( akin to monica belluci’s rape sequence in
      irreversible which repels rather than enjoying it ). Dhokha was Entertaining ( the casting couch subplot).

      I definitely do not take offence but I hope u got things clear now.

  4. well this page is definitly worth writin for a movie i so much liked..the film saddened me: no, dont get me wrong. its not the plot of the film that is so hateful, but the intricate emotional soul of a human being which gets raped in the form of love and lust that sorrows me. the “cheapness” of the film lies in the fact that it pointed with taloned fingers the dare-bare truth which we people so much want to sugar coat with happy-ending films. there need to be no discipline to watch this film becos, all those things whitewash ur senses and u shy away from the world. thanks God, its not just a sleazy pornographic flick which wud have satisfied the primitive urge of people, who can buy tickets only fr the sex part and then leave the hall. When a director like Dibakar titled the film Love, Sex and Dhokha, ofcourse he meant it for the sensible audience, who wudnt take the literal meanin and watch it for, right?I hope with the Indian films growin upto adulthood, we shudnt nag like a 5-year-old.
    U can well understand that what is shown is whats happenin around, and especially we gals can only try and be careful cos the wide wicked world is always reday to pounce on. Thanks to Dibakar for not givin us Dhokha but rather warnin us to beware of the falseties that often kures us.
    FInally, I wud say its a must watch movie for cinema-goers, cos dark film can haunt ur senses and the blunt truth can hit the truth hard.
    Thanks Dibakar for takin an initiative to show how we have grown up.
    Thanks Vish, for ur effort to get a forum wher we can share thoughts abitu this wonderful film 🙂

  5. I will definitely take a look now after reading ur review. Sounds quite curious…. (well written review too, btw)

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