When U visit hometown at 28!

28 is not a nice age to visit hometown if you are still single. But you have to, not to see possible matches that have been talked about by your parents before your visit, but to attend one of your best friend’s wedding (baraat) and to spend some time with your family. But thanks to the constant reminders from your parents, and now that you’re  eligible, you tend to see newly wed couples everywhere. 3 years back, it was just single ladies in front of your eyes that have now been replaced by young “just married” couples.

I really do not know what this syndrome is, that I end up seeing them – at the airport, in the flight, in the malls, at the theatres,  ugh! Everywhere! Ab sab chhod chhad ke Facebook pe baitho….to wahaan bi Wedding Albums ke alava kuch hai hi nai!! The then FarmVille updates have now been replaced by marriage pics. Oh yes, there’s a LIKE button. Hit like – the best thing you could do to bless the couple, ONLINE. You see even Mark Zuckerberg is married now!! And hence the status follows:

Currently, it’s Wedding Season on Facebook —
As per Census: For every 1000 men in India, there r only 778 women. So, 778 couples are busy updating relationship statuses & uploading albums. The rest 222 men (including me) are busy hitting Like button.

Kya karein, jisne humein chaha, naa uska bhala ho paya…Aur jise humne chaha, naa humara bhala ho paya. Par chaahat mein hum ek bewakoof insaan jaroor ban gaye the. Spiderman bhi bana hoga. Thanks to Female Foeticides, finding even “a little close to the right match” is like spotting a tiger in India – Only 1411 left!  So the final straw – Arranged Marriage. But that’s like going on a wild goose chase – Caste, Color, Height, Horoscope, Family status, Age, Package…are to name some of the criteria of this concept. More than 50% of matrimony profiles out there are of BROKEN HEARTS that need some healing before they’re actually ready to accept you. Whew!!!  Hum to kaafi kuch compromise karke bas 3 essential/basic cheezon pe atke hain but uspe bhi not a single proposal that you will “feel good” about. Humein to yaar dowry bi nai chahiye. Totally against it. The ones your parents feel, you don’t; the ones you feel, your parents don’t; the ones both feel, caste/kundalis don’t!  Although I agree to some extent with the concept of risk/uncertainty based on Kundali matches since predictions are based on the science of Astrology but I fail to understand the relevance of caste system in today’s self-made progressive world. [ An elaborate post on Caste system and broken hearts in the offing]

You being the only child, your parents are deeply disappointed, you are upset because your parents are and feeling immense pressure but you keep citing some examples to console their much delicate hearts. (Ab ‘Haan kaise kehdein, humari bi koi preference hai ki nai? Poora life kisika banna hai. Moreover, I don’t like seeing girls and refusing. More girls have refused me just seeing my matrimony profile rather!! )

Ab Pyar koi chai ke dukaan pe to nai mil raha, ki ek mangaa lein…time chahiye, jo shayad hai nai. Aur humein koi stranger ko chahne ke liye jab tak woh feel aaye, tab humare kundali mismatch ho jaate hain. Aur ladkiyon ke kahaan kam nakhre hain aaj kal. When they are getting interests from any Tom, Dick and Harry on Matrimonial sites with counts that match their FB ‘unknown’ friend requests, bhao to badhna hi hai. Aur us race mein shayad hum kahin chip jaate honge. Jab nazar aate hain, tab race is over! Unko kya chahiye ab rabb jaane. Perhaps they want Greek Gods who can give dowry to them instead. Or guys with altitude but size of brain immaterial!

I would rather not elaborate else this post would turn into a work of fiction!  Dil nai kar raha aur likhne ko, but one day I’ll pen down all my experiences. Now Men don’t have a choice. They really don’t. Perhaps the wise ones could wait for that “One day of Autumn” after 500 days of harrowing Summer is over. It’s all about time. 🙂

Here’s a small video from one of my fave movies – 500 Days of Summer , that speaks all about the above line:

I may be aging as the days pass by, my hairs might be greying (but there’s always Schwarzkopf professional to your aid, nuh?) but barely my parents know that I still feel, act and think young, just like the way I was at 21. And at 41, I’ll still be the same. Love (when it fails) may make you weak, timid, numb and dumb but never lose hope in finding love, again. Just have to keep your eyes wide open. Hope you found a suitable match – that would be your love. 🙂


15 comments on “When U visit hometown at 28!

  1. I like the last paragraph including the video clip more. Keep hoping and you will get “One Day Of Autumn” soon. 🙂

  2. “Love may make you weak, timid, numb and dumb”. No ITS then never Love, Love makes you Strong, Confident, Trusted and Happy..!! Find the right One. 🙂

  3. Accept nothing is for ever , so just relish the great times you have with the special someone(at that point) ..the special someone will keep on changing 🙂 but the memories won’t

  4. Lovely 🙂 again straight from your heart , maybe thats what makes all your posts so endearing! as someone mentioned, the last paragaph was lovely and the video added a charm to the entire write up..Here is a heartfelt wish for you to find the special one very soon 🙂

  5. kya baat hai……i liked the last optimistic line …….21 ya 41 ki farak painda hai ….hum toh hum hai

    • @Ashu: Amen. 🙂

      @Stranger (Guess I know ya 😉 ): Easier said than done.

      @Dada: And there wud be bttr memories for sure.

      @Jaya: Thanks so much. Am glad U enjoy it every time I read n connect it so well.

      @Neeta: Baaki paani kum hai. Btw, Optimistic last line..eh. Ha ha…Chalo tht means all’s well that end’s well. 😉

  6. hey buddy, ur feelings r known to me …..m no stranger …u wud sooner get ur gurl …..luv her then get it arranged …by ur parents for a happy ending…..nev’dless….beautifully penned …..heartening to read ..:)

  7. Awww this was such a cute post!
    Ultimately, what matters is you find the ‘right’ person and don’t compromise with that!
    You never know when you will find them, but you can always hope 😀

    Good luck with finding the right woman. 🙂
    All the best for the contest 😀

  8. Hey Biswa .. i think its really stupid to reject you over matrimony profile.. those girls must be crazy :/ ..you are most eligible bachelor around , the handsome and the smartest.. the one u marry will be blessed and so damn lucky 🙂 wish you great luck and happy new year 🙂

  9. well aftr reading ur blog i cn nly say..hahahahaha..lol!!Hey boy u turning 30..wohooo!hahaha…nyways are’nt u juz happy wid ur bachlr’s indpndnt lyf..being a boy hw cud u waste ur lyf juz gtting married 2 a gal..nyways buwaahahahaa..ol d best…;-)

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